My New Favorite Blog!

My friend showed me this blog today, and I’ve been reading it ever since. I just LOVE it! There are so many amazing tutorials and crafts that I could actually do! I’m super excited.

So if you have a minute {you may need a few hours} go on over to Make It and Love It and check out the tutorials!

I love the silk flower and the vinyl flower bows and headbands. They are so adorable!


A Good Bummer

So…. we’re going to Disney in October for J1’s 10th birthday. Awesome, right?

Heck ya. BUT… we reserved a 2 bedroom because the hubby’s parents were coming with us. Now they aren’t because of unforseen circumstances (completely forgiveable in this case, and we certainly understand!) and we are stuck with a 2 bedroom. We tried downgrading but there just aren’t any 1 bedrooms available ANYWHERE on Disney property.

It’s food and wine festival time, and also Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party time, and Disney is booked solid.

The room we have will be amazing, I’m sure of it, but it also would have been nice to save 80 points and use them towards our vow renewal trip next June.

Oh well, such is life!


Is it that hard to get a confirmed bus schedule?

The first year we moved here, the school pu the kids on the wrong bus and they rode around the entire trip until the bus driver drove around the neighborhood, looking for our house. It was the first day of school for the girls.

Last year, no problems, only that they were getting home at 4pm most days.

This year?? They wiped out the bus the girls’ take. It doesn’t exist anymore.

I finally got in touch with the bus barn and they are now re-adding the bus, and all the stops. This morning the girls had to walk almost to the end of our development just to get on a bus. I am not okay with that, at all. So… I guess enough parents complained (the line was busy for 20 minutes!) and they will be getting back on and off at their regular stop. Phew!

You’d think they’d just keep it the way it always had been. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

First Day of School!!

J1 and J2 were so excited for school today. They wanted to leave for the bus stop a whole half an hour early… but I made them feed the dogs instead. (I’m evil, I know.) Here are the pictures from this morning!

$5.00 Farmville Farm Cash Giveaway

In celebration of my new blog and all that is to come with it, I am giving away a code worth $5 dollars in Farmville Cash.

All you have to do it leave me a comment with your name and email address and a random winner will be drawn on Sunday August 22nd, 2010 at 9:00 CST.

I will contact the winner via email with the code.

I hope to have more contests in the future, so be sure to bookmark me!
(Of course, you all want to read about my adventures, right?)

A Chance to Win a $150 Amazon gift card

just fill out the survey here for your chance to win.

My soft box is here!

I’m so excited!  I don’t know whether I should post this under the photography, the craft, or the making money category, because it kind of fits all of them!

First of all, here’s my soft box.

Wanna know how I got it?  Well, I used my Swagbucks for it.  It was absolutely free.

What are swagbucks you ask?  Swagbucks is an online search engine that rewards you with “bucks” that you can redeem for prizes.  Basically, you install their toolbar (no third party ads, btw) you search just as you normally would with google, or yahoo, etc. and you will randomly be awarded a numerical amount of bucks.  You then cash these in for prizes.  You can also do surveys, polls, and shop with them to earn bucks, too.  Dan is saving up for a Bass Pro Shops gift card, while I choose to cash mine in for gift cards.  Next up on the list for me is a Mickey Mouse hat for Jack for our trip to Disney in October!

If you’d like to get some snazzy prizes too, you can sign up here:

There’s my shameless plug for the day.

So… getting back on the subject….  What do I plan to do with my new fantastic soft box?  Take pictures of all the product I make and sell.  Pictures are key!!

What did I learn today:

I used swagbucks to get a free photography tent to help with my etsy and ebay sales.

I saved money by not spending my own money to buy the much needed prop.

I can now take amazingly awesome pictures with said soft box.

I will sell more product and earn more $$$ helping my family.

Let’s just hope it works!!!

Picture of the Week

Once I figure out how to post a picture, I’ll be updating with a picture of the week taken by yours truly.

(At least we all know now that I know where the New Post button is)

Yeah, Write…

Did you know that I’m writing a novel?

Yup!  I am!  Thanks to my awesome crit partner – yes, you need a name S, I’m working my way through it.  I’ll post my trials and tribulations here as well as I work my way to getting it published.  I already have an idea for novel numero dos, so lets hope the journey continues!

Shake Your Money Maker!

So I’m all about being frugal.  And saving money.

And making money!!

All my crazy ideas will be revealed in posts to follow, I promise.  Whenever I see a good deal, I’ll post it here.

Being a stay at home mom has its ups and its downs.  The biggest downer?  Not having an income!

I’m always looking for new ways to help support my family – got any ideas you’d like to share?

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