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I did it!

I finally did it! I applied and made it through as a Disney Vacation Specialist. I have some schooling to do, but soon I’ll be on my way to booking trips and earning some money. It will be hard to get clients at first, I’m guessing, but I love to talk and I know too many people, and it will be so much fun……

I’m so excited!!!

…………..really…………….. One more thing to add to my plate??? ha ha ha ha


9/20 Photo of the Week

It’s taken me a bit, but here is the first photo of the week.

This beautiful dragonfly waited patiently for me to take its picture while we were all out as a family this past weekend. We went scouting for birds and any other wildlife we could find, and I brought the camera.

24 or 36 Hours?

I could really use a few more hours in the day. Just a few. Well, maybe 12 more would be great.

There are so many things I need to get done today, and I already know that I’m not going to get to most of it.

And that is just discouraging as all heck.

I need to get a good schedule going, but it probably won’t work out anyway, so why take the time away from the stuff I really need to be doing, right?

(Wow, talk about depressing post today!)

So my day will pretty much go like this:


Wake up the kids.

Get a bottle for the baby.

Feed said baby.

Get the kids ready for school. Get breakfast. Make sure homework is in the backpacks and signed for.

Brush hair, times 2.

Brush teeth, times 2.

Let out the dogs, feed the dogs…. did you water them? Go do it.

Get breakfast, clothing, and potty for the 3 year old.

Baby, would you take a nap already?

Take a shower. Get dressed. Maybe eat some breakfast.

Deal with fussy baby. Change another diaper. Try for another nap.

Clean up…. something.

Oops, interrupted. A kid needs something.

Maybe go to an appointment, bring something to Hubby’s work, pay bills, clean, fold laundry….. uh oh!

Time to feed the baby.

Sit on couch for an hour. Entertain the baby, find a game for the three year old.

Is it lunch time already? Where did the morning go?

Get ready to work on some crafting stuff. Well, forget it. Phone call, a sale, or errand.

Need to make chocolate milk.

Take out the trash. WHERE IS THE BROOM?

Clean up tornado remnants in the bedroom because the three year old just trashed it.

Time to go potty – NOW! (not me, the three year old. I have been holding it in for the past two hours, didn’t you know?)

Clean something else, need to go for a walk, but it’s time to feed the baby. Ewww, time to change his diaper. Again.

What?!? The kids will be home from school soon. What is today?

Is there soccer tonight?

Army wife stuff to do?

Ugh. I need to go to bed. CAN’T!

Hunny, I need these washed for tomorrow. I’ll check the clock. It’s only 11pm – I’ll just wait up the extra hour so that I can put them in the dryer. Thanks for all the advance notice, Babe. I appreciate it.

Maybe I can get the floors swept while I wait. NOPE. Sorry.

The baby needs to eat again.

PHEW! God Bless Sam’s Club

Another basic training is approaching. Thursday is family day, and Friday is graduation!!


Why so excited? Well, it means that maybe, just maybe, my husband might be able to get a little more sleep.


As the FRG leader (Family Readiness Group) it’s up to me to sell the water, the snacks, the cd’s, etc. at family day and graduation.

You should have seen my cart at Sam’s Club. I really need to start taking pictures of this stuff. The adventures of an Army Wife just never end!

I had:

One 3 year old, one infant in a carrier both in the double wide seat in the front. A bit cramped, but they both made it out alive. (And I managed to feed the baby his bottle while pushing a 500 pound shopping cart AND talk on the phone at the same time)

One huge package of strawberries, because the 3 year old wouldn’t stop screaming until I got them.

Four packs of half liter water bottles, all containing 35 bottles a pack.

Ten packs of donuts (each containing 12 packs).

Two 24 packs of Gatorade.

Two 24 packs of Powerade.

Two 40 packs of capri sun boxes.

A large stack of paper plates (350 count!)

And a partridge in a pear tree. (No, seriously, if they sold those at Sams, I probably would have walked out the store with it)

We have a small car. Somehow, by some special magic powers, I was able to get it all in there. I’m really glad I paid attention to all of those Harry Potter movies. I learned some pretty neat spells.

After the car was loaded, it was off to the hubby’s work. I told him when I arrived that he needed to bring a few extra hands to get it all. Little did I know that he was going to bring his entourage with him! Yep. He came marching down the entrance way followed by a fist-full of soldiers, who stripped my car of all its contents. It’s a really good thing those kids were buckled down in carseats, or I might have lost them, too.

“You’d better take more than that, Big Boy. You’ve got two arms.”
“Yes, Sir!”

I love it.

I forgot to mention though, before our little escapade to the warehouse of dreams, we also drove out to the place I’m pet sitting for, forgot the key, drove all the way back home, then back to the pet sitting place, played with a really cool cat for a while, got some lunch, and THEN headed to Sams.

And I still have 50 cd’s to make, a house to clean, a baby to feed, dinner to make, and soccer practice to go to, all before six!


Boy, sometimes you just have to wonder…..

I am really beginning to dislike the hospital here on post. With the military, you really don’t get a choice when it comes to care… although you’d think you’d have plenty of choices.

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with changing doctors, medical treatment (or lack thereof) snippy civilian employees, and lack of appointments.

Not only do I have to drag at least 2 kiddos with me to every appointment, it takes over a month to even get an appointment!

Ugh. Sigh. Snort. Moving on. Just rambling.

Time to feed the baby.

Good Ol’ Writers Block

Writers block or nerves?

I’m not quite sure which yet.

I’m having trouble writing the last few chapters of my first novel, Return to Me.

I have had a very hard time setting aside some time to work on it. I have a good friend doing some editing for me, and she’s almost caught up. 🙂 That means I need to get my butt in gear, or soon, she won’t have anything left to read. And she’ll be left hanging because I have no idea how I am going to end the darn thing.

Honestly, I think it’s because I’m a bit scared. I’ve been working on this for years. And I mean, YEARS. I started it in 2005, I think. I’ve lost count. Having a job, a family, etc. doesn’t really leave much ME time. I love to write. I love my characters, the land, the plot… heck, I even named my first son’s middle name after my main male lead. (Obsessed much? Yeah, I love the guy.)

I’m scared to see it end. I’m worried that what I have in my head won’t translate to paper and that it will be crap. I know what is supposed to happen – I just can’t get it down. When I do have some time to write, my fingers won’t work.

I know I need to just go for it. I’m not going to be able to get it published unfinished, and besides, I told myself that I couldn’t start number 2 until the first (prodigy) was done.


Julia’s tear jerker fundraiser

copied from my facebook post:

Julia is 7, soon to be 8. She raced through the door today, more excited than I have seen her in a very long time.

What was she so excited about?

Well, not my favorite subject – a school fundraiser. You see, if she sells 50 items, she will win a Disney trip for 4.

Yes, you read that right! A trip to disney. And all of my disney friends out there will completely understand how much that means to a disney crazed (obsessed?) child.

She only has to sell 50 items. (only)

Only. Sigh. I hate to see her heart broken. She wants this so bad. She promised me she would work really hard to do it. They are not allowed to door to door sell. (I wouldn’t want her doing that, either.) She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “If I win a trip, maybe gramma and Puppa will be able to go this time.” (Her grandparents were supposed to be going with us on our trip in October, but due to health reasons, had to cancel) How can I say no to that face without crying or breaking her little heart?

So that is where you come in my wonderful facebook friends.

If you have it in your heart to buy a $5 or $6 dollar Christmas gift for someone, please consider helping out a school in need, and a child on a mission. We would greatly appreciate it, so very much.

I normalyl wouldn’t ask or even do a school fundraiser, but she is bound and determined on this one. She asked me to specifically ask all of you, so I am doing my part. (I love that child)

Here is all the info you will need to make all her Disney dreams come true:


Seller: Julia Pickering

Seller ID: pio9033

The school deadline is September 20th. Those that do not want to pay right away have the option of ordering now and paying later via the sign up sheet from the school. Just message me if that interests you.
Here are the pictures of the catalog:


Another awesome giveaway!

From frugal science gal. Maybe someone will be lucky enough to win this amazing jewelry set!

Amazon Mom!!!

So I just found this awesome program that Amazon does. I am a huge Amazon fan. I love that they have the lowest prices. What am I doing… I don’t work for them.. I don’t need to promote them… but I do want to tell you about this really neato offer they have called Amazon Mom.

It’s free to join Amazon Mom and everyone is eligible (you don’t have to be a mom). It’s very quick to sign-up, and it’s optional to give them any information about the children you buy things for.

Here are the benefits of joining – again it’s totally free to sign-up:

* 30% off select diapers and wipes: normally you get 15% when you subscribe & save, but Amazon Moms get an extra 15% discount for a total of 30% off!
* Free Amazon Prime Membership for 3 months: that means you get free 2-day shipping on eligible items – if you buy $25 or more form the Baby Store (in a single order) you get an extra free month of Amazon Prime, up to one free year (but everyone gets the free 3 months without buying anything from the Baby Store)
* Refund for Current Amazon Prime Members: if you are already an Amazon Prime member, go ahead and cancel to get a refund and at least 3 months free of Amazon Prime. You bet I jumped on this offer because it means I get a refund of $46.00 and between 3 months to 1 year of free Amazon Prime (depending on my shopping in the Baby Store, I’m sure I’ll buy a few gifts there this year)

I know it’s hard to believe Amazon is offering such a great deal, please read the Amazon Mom Help Page & FAQ for more information. Thanks goes to Swag Grabber for sharing! Remember that students get a Free Amazon Prime Membership too!

Don’t I Wish!

I would love to win one of these Old Navy Coupons. I need new clothes like you wouldn’t believe. Enter for yourself – maybe you’ll win! (and then give your coupon to me. hee heee heee)

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