PHEW! God Bless Sam’s Club

Another basic training is approaching. Thursday is family day, and Friday is graduation!!


Why so excited? Well, it means that maybe, just maybe, my husband might be able to get a little more sleep.


As the FRG leader (Family Readiness Group) it’s up to me to sell the water, the snacks, the cd’s, etc. at family day and graduation.

You should have seen my cart at Sam’s Club. I really need to start taking pictures of this stuff. The adventures of an Army Wife just never end!

I had:

One 3 year old, one infant in a carrier both in the double wide seat in the front. A bit cramped, but they both made it out alive. (And I managed to feed the baby his bottle while pushing a 500 pound shopping cart AND talk on the phone at the same time)

One huge package of strawberries, because the 3 year old wouldn’t stop screaming until I got them.

Four packs of half liter water bottles, all containing 35 bottles a pack.

Ten packs of donuts (each containing 12 packs).

Two 24 packs of Gatorade.

Two 24 packs of Powerade.

Two 40 packs of capri sun boxes.

A large stack of paper plates (350 count!)

And a partridge in a pear tree. (No, seriously, if they sold those at Sams, I probably would have walked out the store with it)

We have a small car. Somehow, by some special magic powers, I was able to get it all in there. I’m really glad I paid attention to all of those Harry Potter movies. I learned some pretty neat spells.

After the car was loaded, it was off to the hubby’s work. I told him when I arrived that he needed to bring a few extra hands to get it all. Little did I know that he was going to bring his entourage with him! Yep. He came marching down the entrance way followed by a fist-full of soldiers, who stripped my car of all its contents. It’s a really good thing those kids were buckled down in carseats, or I might have lost them, too.

“You’d better take more than that, Big Boy. You’ve got two arms.”
“Yes, Sir!”

I love it.

I forgot to mention though, before our little escapade to the warehouse of dreams, we also drove out to the place I’m pet sitting for, forgot the key, drove all the way back home, then back to the pet sitting place, played with a really cool cat for a while, got some lunch, and THEN headed to Sams.

And I still have 50 cd’s to make, a house to clean, a baby to feed, dinner to make, and soccer practice to go to, all before six!



Boy, sometimes you just have to wonder…..

I am really beginning to dislike the hospital here on post. With the military, you really don’t get a choice when it comes to care… although you’d think you’d have plenty of choices.

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with changing doctors, medical treatment (or lack thereof) snippy civilian employees, and lack of appointments.

Not only do I have to drag at least 2 kiddos with me to every appointment, it takes over a month to even get an appointment!

Ugh. Sigh. Snort. Moving on. Just rambling.

Time to feed the baby.


{tap tap}

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