Good Ol’ Writers Block

Writers block or nerves?

I’m not quite sure which yet.

I’m having trouble writing the last few chapters of my first novel, Return to Me.

I have had a very hard time setting aside some time to work on it. I have a good friend doing some editing for me, and she’s almost caught up. 🙂 That means I need to get my butt in gear, or soon, she won’t have anything left to read. And she’ll be left hanging because I have no idea how I am going to end the darn thing.

Honestly, I think it’s because I’m a bit scared. I’ve been working on this for years. And I mean, YEARS. I started it in 2005, I think. I’ve lost count. Having a job, a family, etc. doesn’t really leave much ME time. I love to write. I love my characters, the land, the plot… heck, I even named my first son’s middle name after my main male lead. (Obsessed much? Yeah, I love the guy.)

I’m scared to see it end. I’m worried that what I have in my head won’t translate to paper and that it will be crap. I know what is supposed to happen – I just can’t get it down. When I do have some time to write, my fingers won’t work.

I know I need to just go for it. I’m not going to be able to get it published unfinished, and besides, I told myself that I couldn’t start number 2 until the first (prodigy) was done.



Julia’s tear jerker fundraiser

copied from my facebook post:

Julia is 7, soon to be 8. She raced through the door today, more excited than I have seen her in a very long time.

What was she so excited about?

Well, not my favorite subject – a school fundraiser. You see, if she sells 50 items, she will win a Disney trip for 4.

Yes, you read that right! A trip to disney. And all of my disney friends out there will completely understand how much that means to a disney crazed (obsessed?) child.

She only has to sell 50 items. (only)

Only. Sigh. I hate to see her heart broken. She wants this so bad. She promised me she would work really hard to do it. They are not allowed to door to door sell. (I wouldn’t want her doing that, either.) She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, “If I win a trip, maybe gramma and Puppa will be able to go this time.” (Her grandparents were supposed to be going with us on our trip in October, but due to health reasons, had to cancel) How can I say no to that face without crying or breaking her little heart?

So that is where you come in my wonderful facebook friends.

If you have it in your heart to buy a $5 or $6 dollar Christmas gift for someone, please consider helping out a school in need, and a child on a mission. We would greatly appreciate it, so very much.

I normalyl wouldn’t ask or even do a school fundraiser, but she is bound and determined on this one. She asked me to specifically ask all of you, so I am doing my part. (I love that child)

Here is all the info you will need to make all her Disney dreams come true:

Seller: Julia Pickering

Seller ID: pio9033

The school deadline is September 20th. Those that do not want to pay right away have the option of ordering now and paying later via the sign up sheet from the school. Just message me if that interests you.
Here are the pictures of the catalog:

Another awesome giveaway!

From frugal science gal. Maybe someone will be lucky enough to win this amazing jewelry set!

Amazon Mom!!!

So I just found this awesome program that Amazon does. I am a huge Amazon fan. I love that they have the lowest prices. What am I doing… I don’t work for them.. I don’t need to promote them… but I do want to tell you about this really neato offer they have called Amazon Mom.

It’s free to join Amazon Mom and everyone is eligible (you don’t have to be a mom). It’s very quick to sign-up, and it’s optional to give them any information about the children you buy things for.

Here are the benefits of joining – again it’s totally free to sign-up:

* 30% off select diapers and wipes: normally you get 15% when you subscribe & save, but Amazon Moms get an extra 15% discount for a total of 30% off!
* Free Amazon Prime Membership for 3 months: that means you get free 2-day shipping on eligible items – if you buy $25 or more form the Baby Store (in a single order) you get an extra free month of Amazon Prime, up to one free year (but everyone gets the free 3 months without buying anything from the Baby Store)
* Refund for Current Amazon Prime Members: if you are already an Amazon Prime member, go ahead and cancel to get a refund and at least 3 months free of Amazon Prime. You bet I jumped on this offer because it means I get a refund of $46.00 and between 3 months to 1 year of free Amazon Prime (depending on my shopping in the Baby Store, I’m sure I’ll buy a few gifts there this year)

I know it’s hard to believe Amazon is offering such a great deal, please read the Amazon Mom Help Page & FAQ for more information. Thanks goes to Swag Grabber for sharing! Remember that students get a Free Amazon Prime Membership too!

Don’t I Wish!

I would love to win one of these Old Navy Coupons. I need new clothes like you wouldn’t believe. Enter for yourself – maybe you’ll win! (and then give your coupon to me. hee heee heee)

A Free Photoshop Action!

Please check out the blog for RC Photography. They have one of their very awesome actions for free. I just tried it out, and its purdy amazing!

My New Favorite Blog!

My friend showed me this blog today, and I’ve been reading it ever since. I just LOVE it! There are so many amazing tutorials and crafts that I could actually do! I’m super excited.

So if you have a minute {you may need a few hours} go on over to Make It and Love It and check out the tutorials!

I love the silk flower and the vinyl flower bows and headbands. They are so adorable!

A Good Bummer

So…. we’re going to Disney in October for J1’s 10th birthday. Awesome, right?

Heck ya. BUT… we reserved a 2 bedroom because the hubby’s parents were coming with us. Now they aren’t because of unforseen circumstances (completely forgiveable in this case, and we certainly understand!) and we are stuck with a 2 bedroom. We tried downgrading but there just aren’t any 1 bedrooms available ANYWHERE on Disney property.

It’s food and wine festival time, and also Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party time, and Disney is booked solid.

The room we have will be amazing, I’m sure of it, but it also would have been nice to save 80 points and use them towards our vow renewal trip next June.

Oh well, such is life!


Is it that hard to get a confirmed bus schedule?

The first year we moved here, the school pu the kids on the wrong bus and they rode around the entire trip until the bus driver drove around the neighborhood, looking for our house. It was the first day of school for the girls.

Last year, no problems, only that they were getting home at 4pm most days.

This year?? They wiped out the bus the girls’ take. It doesn’t exist anymore.

I finally got in touch with the bus barn and they are now re-adding the bus, and all the stops. This morning the girls had to walk almost to the end of our development just to get on a bus. I am not okay with that, at all. So… I guess enough parents complained (the line was busy for 20 minutes!) and they will be getting back on and off at their regular stop. Phew!

You’d think they’d just keep it the way it always had been. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

First Day of School!!

J1 and J2 were so excited for school today. They wanted to leave for the bus stop a whole half an hour early… but I made them feed the dogs instead. (I’m evil, I know.) Here are the pictures from this morning!

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